If you’re sold on the idea of building a high-performance home or renovating your existing home to be healthier and more energy-efficient but don’t know where to start, welcome to the online home of Harakeke Consultants.

Harakeke Consultants responsibility is to advise our clients on a sustainable Design & Build.

Our team is passionate and committed, to help people building or renovating their homes to be ecologically responsive.

We offer advice on every aspect of building energy-efficient homes, from foundations to wall panels; different heating resources; solar panels; non-toxic materials; rainwater collection; everything in-between.

Harakeke Consultants is only associated with the best professionals in the building industry, so that we can advise and assist our clients every step of the way. We work with trusted suppliers together and have done our research on suitable products for the New Zealand market, to offer you the complete solution.

We are focusing only on one architectural designer, who shares our passion to make a difference, and is committed to design,
healthier, energy-efficient homes. Nathan from LandDesign is consistently educating himself, to provide the best service for his clients. Harakeke is proud working with him on several projects and has got no hesitation to recommend him. LandDesign is operating nationwide and offer their service in the North or South Island.

Been there, done that.

As a new immigrant to the country in 2006, Harakeke Consultants founder Claudia Kaltenstadler soon realized that many New Zealand homes were moldy and unhealthy. She was puzzled by the fact that most Kiwis heat only one room, leaving the rest of the house cold.

Coming from Europe where new and small energy-efficient homes are the norm, Claudia and her family wanted to build a similar home for themselves in New Zealand.

Today the team at Harakeke Consultants helps potential homeowners with advice to build their own energy-efficient home.

We advocate building smaller homes. People in Europe don’t live in mansions but their new homes are energy-efficient and cozy.
Older homes are getting upgraded, to be healthy and more energy-efficient, to achieve a better value and rating.

Since May 2014 the ‘energy pass’ in Germany has been compulsory – no property can be sold or rented out, without this certification.

Claudia believes in building homes correctly in the first place so that “Homes are efficient and practical, allowing a family to live in it for as long as they want to. Even into old age, minimal alterations or additions to suit changing lifestyles will become necessary”. To find out more, visit  Lifemark.co.nz

Leading the way in professional advice

Claudia and the team at Harakeke Consultants have pioneered a discussion group from consultants, architect, builders and suppliers, which goal it to educate people in New Zealand. To reach more clients, we target the social media platforms or groups to spread the word. If you are interested in, please send us an e-mail.

Harakeke – Synergy for better living

Harakeke is native to New Zealand. A plant of the land for the land. Distinctive. Hardy. Versatile. Also known as ‘flax’ or ‘swamp flax’ it’s found throughout New Zealand. Pollinated by nectar-feeding native birds and honeybees, it flowers annually from October to February.

Of great significance to indigenous people, harakeke was, and still is widely used to weave useful vessels. These days it’s also used to create exciting original works of art.

At Harakeke Consultants we see great synergy between the attributes of this popular native plant and our company. Like Harakeke we’re here to stay. We enhance and nurture the environment with practical, energy-efficient homes that will stand the test of time.

Like the versatile flax plant our homes are easy on the eye and ecologically sensitive.

Our vision is to create dwellings that will enrich and enhance the landscape, create more habitats for our wildlife and still add value to the lives of its inhabitants. Just like Harakeke.