Benefits of a Multiproof Consent

The MultiProof service enables builders to obtain a MultiProof, also known as a National Multiple-Use Approval, for standardised building designs that are intended to be built several times.

A MultiProof is a statement by the Ministry that a specific set of building plans and specifications complies with the New Zealand Building Code. Building Consent Authorities (BCAs) must accept a MultiProof as evidence of Building Code compliance.

If you have a MultiProof for a building design, you can build the design several times within one district or nationwide, subject to any approval conditions, without needing to have the whole design assessed by the BCA each time you apply for a building consent.

The benefits of obtaining a MultiProof include:

  • Potential building consent cost savings
  • Quicker turn-around times for processing/issuing building consents
  • Greater certainty of consenting
  • Greater consistency of decision-making by BCAs

A building consent is still required for a building with MultiProof approval. The role of the BCA is to:

  • Approve site-specific details, including foundations and utilities
  • Make sure that any MultiProof conditions have been met
  • Carry out normal inspections during construction
  • Check that Restricted Building Work has been carried out or supervised by Licensed Building Practitioners


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