At Harakeke Consultants we’re passionate about building homes that are sustainable in every sense of the word. We’ve worked hard to change the incorrect perception that ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ simply means double-glazed windows and solar panels on the roof.

We’re delighted that ‘green’ design and construction is no longer considered a fad. Prominent designers are now embracing sustainability in their work. And New Zealanders are choosing to live in homes that are not only healthy and comfortable, but have been built to preserve and protect the country’s natural resources.

However, as we’ve watched this exciting new trend develop, we’ve realised that many people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to building an energy-efficient home. At Harakeke Consultants we have the passion, knowledge and experience to advice clients every step of the way. We also have the connections to take care of everything from design, building and materials as well as the legal and financial aspects.

We are independent with our product advice and suggestions are solely focusing on making sure that the process is as rewarding, as it should be for our clients.

We partner with companies that share our commitment to making sustainable living an affordable new way of life for as many New Zealand families as possible.



Harakeke has a 6 steps design & build process which will take you efficiently through to the completion of your new home or renovation project. Before we start the formalities we think it’s important, either to meet you, or have a conversation and get to know each other first. We offer a complimentary introductory meeting to discuss your project and requirements. Once you are ready to proceed, our two-step process will commence.

Step 1:

Share Product Knowledge & Presentation

Interview 1: With Consultant
  • Share Design Principles & Product knowledge to make an informed decision, which product you could imagine, you want to build with.
  • Should you decide to engage an Architect or Architectural Designer, please get in touch
  • If you want a performance assessment or work with us as a consultant on your project, then we would charge you directly, depending how much time you want us to support you. 
  • We also will discuss Homestar & Lifemark Ratings with you, to clarify the advantages.
  • Discuss the design brief and other requirements, discuss building siting, timing and budget, gather all information required to proceed. The more information (Specifications), we can get from you, the more we can help you, what you want to achieve.
Interview 2: With Architect or Architectural Designer
  • Geo-technical investigation, structural certification, clarification on foundation, survey/levels of the section
  • Discuss concept drawings, product choices, budget & time frame
  • Incorporate feedback and prepare the letter of offer/ pricing for the Architect or Architectural Designer

Step 2:

Preparing the concept drawings & pricing plans

Interview 3: With your Architect or Architectural Designer
  • Discuss  established concept drawings & change if necessary
  • Architect or Architectural Designer prepares pricing plans

Step 3:

Cost information

Each project is unique and will therefore be costed differently, depending on type of building, products, finishes, complexity and location.

Interview 4: With Consultant & QS

  • Pricing your plans by a Quantity Surveyor, to check your budget
  • Plans can be changed, if necessary at no extra cost

Step 4:

Discuss Builder

If you have got your own builder or we provide you a builder, who is experienced in High Performance Homes, we are happy to work with them

Interview 5: With Consultant & Builder

  • Discuss costings & budget
  • Discuss Builders Contract & insurance

Step 5:

Finalize Plans

After pricing & budget is clarified, your architect or architectural designer will finalize the working drawings and prepares all the document for the council. 

  • Waiting for the building consent to be granted

Step 6:

Working with the builder

Every builder does their process a little bit differently, please ask your builder

Additional Information:


Lifemark™ – New Zealand’s intelligent design rating system that improves the usability, safety and access of new homes. This rating will tell you how well the home will suit you and your family’s needs over a lifetime. Happy to discuss the option.