More and more people are embracing the benefits of living in sustainable homes that are warm, healthy and cost-effective. Architects, designers, builders, suppliers and potential homeowners are realising more and more that eco-friendly homes means much more than double-glazed windows and solar panels on the roof.

Coming from Europe where sustainable housing is the norm, Claudia advocates building smaller homes that are eco-friendly, more comfortable and promote a healthy lifestyle. Homeowners can also enjoy the peace-of-mind that building their homes have not adversely affected our country’s precious resources.

We invite you to look at the selection of designs and features currently available – all designed to suit our clients’ requirements and needs.


If you would like to ‘take a walk around’ inside this hut you can do so using this BIMx model.

iPhone or iPad users, search for BIMx in your App Store and install. Your app will be updated via the App Store as new updates are available.
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