Do we need sustainable building in New Zealand?

What is a Sustainable Design or Built?

  • A sustainable building is an outcome of a design philosophy which focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use- energy, water, and materials
  • The lifecycle includes siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance and removal
  • A building designed to be ecologically correct by using resources efficiently, using internal recycling, renewable energy sources, recyclable or biodegradable construction materials, and blending in with the local environment, particularly in out-of-town locations. The aims are to reduce to a minimum the environmental impact, and to take human health factors into consideration.


Why do we need a sustainable site planning?


Why should we built sustainable homes in New Zealand?

  • Reduce the environmental impact (no air leakage)
  • low environmental impact, through long lifespan of all materials used in the construction
  • low maintenance requirements
  • Reduced heating and cooling through airtight buildings
  • lightweight materials reduce the structural physical load, allowing for the use of an innovative flexible foundation design, that allows re-use of poor ground conditions.


Why should we use renewable energy &  recycle our water?

  • Using renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind turbine, we also reduce our dependence on fossil fuel gas and oil reserves
  • Reduces cost of energy consumption
  • Recycling greywater from the laundry and bathroom can reduce by 40-50% your water input, saving precious water resources.
  • Easily use clean rainwater in your home and garden!
  • Stormwater is not treated before it is discharged. This means there are several reasons to be concerned about the way, how stormwater is managed.


Why Energy Efficient Homes reduces utility costs? What are the benefits?

  • Through an airtight building envelope, less heating & cooling costs
  • In traditional construction the air changes 6-8 per hour,
  • European standard for an Energy Efficient home is 3 air changes, or lower
  • Pay the mortgage off faster
  • Add on another module as the family grows
  • Enjoy the surplus cash and create security for your family
  • Result: Less financial stress


Energy Efficient Homes provides desirable living. Why?

  • Sustainable Homes incorporate green building elements like:
  •  Ventilation system – no pollution, no condensation
  •  PVC or timber-framed, double-glazed windows
  •  Airtight construction through airtight membrane or SIP panels
  •  Blower Door test to achieve an airtight building. Result of a minimum 3.0 air changes per hour or lower

No risk of condensation or damp, dramatically reduced energy costs


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