With global warming now recognised as a real and present danger to the world and the survival of its resources, words like ‘carbon footprint’, ‘sustainable’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘carbon neutral’ are being used for everything from clothing to cars to foodstuffs and beyond. But what do these words mean when it comes to designing and building new homes? Or remodelling older homes?

Eco-Advice for Sustainable Homes


‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ – and all derivatives of these words – are terms used to promote goods, services, policies and laws that at best cause no harm to eco systems and the environment, and at worst have minimal or a reduced negative effect on our world.

When it comes to designing and building or renovating a home to be ‘sustainable’ or ‘eco-friendly’, one needs to think ‘big picture’, considering not only the materials used, but the functionality of the design, as well as the manufacturing and supply chain involved.

To many people having an eco-friendly home means double-glazed windows and solar panels on the roof. Of course it means so much more. At Harakeke we can advise and assist homeowners to tick all the boxes needed to build truly energy-efficient homes – and protect our precious environment and resources at the same time.

Sourcing and using sustainable materials is of critical importance. This means the production of such materials is supported by nature indefinitely. In other words, a resource is used up at the same pace as it is being renewed. Wood is a good example – when trees are harvested at the same rate as new ones are being planted.

Living in an eco-friendly sustainable home is a game changer. It’s more efficient, healthy and warm. And you’ll have the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re contributing to the care and protection of the environment.

As the advantages of building energy-efficient homes become more widely understood, people are opting to invest in this earth-friendly lifestyle.
Harakeke Consultants wants this to become a new way of life in New Zealand.

Let us show you how.