Old Growth “Western Red Cedar”

Do you want to use Western Red Cedar as a cladding?

Please read this information, because it is important to be aware.
New Zealand is one of a few countries, who love the Western Red Cedar and we import a substantial amount of it , but we are not aware what happens in Canada and how that can influence the eco-system in Canada and worldwide. I attached a few links to get familiar.
You might ask, how can we protect the old growth as a Kiwi?
Very simple, if you talk with your architect, he or she should specify the second growth Western Red Cedar and you only accept a certified timber. You won’t see a difference on your cladding, but you make a huge difference for the eco-system.
Please check out the symbol and certification, before you buy Western Red Cedar.
More info on these websites: 

Western Red Cedar, endangered species. 

Here is a little bit a history of the Western Red Cedar old growth, how we are able to protect them.

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