Residential property investment is powerful. It has been the best performing investment for a very long time, and shows no signs of slowing down. To ensure that you can secure the best rentals and return on investment investors need to make sure that their properties are appealing and in the right location.

More and more people are choosing to live in homes that are eco-friendly because they’re warmer, more comfortable and more efficient. This is true for homebuyers and renters.

Claudia and her team at Harakeke Consultants are passionate about building and getting New Zealanders into energy-efficient homes.

She’s excited to offer investors the opportunity to invest in the fact-growing sector of sustainable eco-friendly homes.
Whether it’s a new build or existing dwelling that has been retrofitted to meet as many sustainable standards as possible, these properties will secure outstanding rentals year-on-year and guarantee excellent returns in future.

Investors are also invited to look at Rent-to-Buy options which offer sounds investment opportunities.
It is a good investment opportunity as it means for a period of three to five years you only have one tenant with a vested interest living in and looking after the property as if it was their own. At the end of the lease agreement the ‘tenant buyer’ secures their own finance and you are paid out the original purchase price.

This is a win-win investment. As the owner you are assured of high long-term returns and are also helping hardworking New Zealanders get on the property ladder. In a home that’s kind to its inhabitants and the environment.

To find out how you can join this growing investment trend, visit SmartInvestorNZ.