Off-site construction

The manufacturing facilities back in Europe are one of the most advanced,fully automated machines. The companies use a state-of-the-art CAD technology that is linked to systems to ensure millimetre precision for every house what will be build. They don’t just rely on technology; the factory is still manned with expert craftsmen who have been extensively trained to ensure accuracy and quality.

The advantages of an off-site construction

  • Top accuracy thanks to state-of-the-art computer controlled production
  • Construction is unaffected by the weather and so keeps to schedule
  • Ongoing quality control
  • Construction time on-site is minimised so within 48 hours your house can be weatherproof and secure
  • Prefabrication is more energy-efficient and produces less waste so it is a more eco-friendly way of building
  • Faster on-site construction means less disruption for you and your neighbours

Quality starts with the selection and testing of the building materials. The European companies use only high-quality timber that contains no potential pollutants. Chemical preservatives are not used and timber is dried in chambers and then stored in a dry atmosphere on site.

The house is thermally insulated with an innovative insulation material made from wood shavings which ensures not only excellent heat retention and energy efficiency, but ensures your home safeguards your health as much as possible.

All large elements such as walls, ceilings and roofs are prefabricated on a computer controlled production line. Windows and doors are fitted in the factory to 100% accuracy ensuring that no harmful PU foam fillers are required. The façade is pre-protected with a double coat of environmentally-friendly paint.

The interior design team working in the factory will always be present:
to control the machines, monitor quality, put the finishing touches to a home and, after a final inspection. Only then the panels for the house, will be wrapped in a waterproof cover ready for transportation directly to the site.

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