Why hire an Environmental Consultant?

12 most important things what you need to know, before you build a Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Home with energy efficient features, that you don’t end up in a disaster!


Do you always wanted to build an Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient Home?


Which increases Health & Comfort & Happiness?

Which saves you money on your energy bill? 

Reduces the Carbon Footprint and produces less waste and you feel good about it?


Then lets have a look, what a consultant can offer you.

A Consultant works for their clients

A consultant is not associated with anyone in the building or related industries, they can advise and assist clients every step of the way. Focussing only on what is best for them and listen to their clients needs and wants. 

Shares knowledge, what it takes to make a building energy efficient & Sustainable

As an Environmental Consultant, there will be the focus to reduce carbon footprint, waste, sustainable products, renewable energy, airtightness, weathertightness, off-grid solution and much more. 

Product Research will be done for you

Consultants do the research for you. If you want specific products, but you don’t know where to start, then the consultant can help you.

Most of the time the team knows the product and can support you with further information and explain you the advantages or disadvantages.

After the research, they will send you an e-mail with stats or websites, that you can read in your own time. Through the knowledge of the consultant, you don’t have to do the hard yards and utilize your time much more efficient. 

Find out the clients needs and wants

Through an interview, the consultant can identify the clients needs and wants and eliminate a lot of issues in the first place. That can be from the design, to products or heating options and energy consumption, locations and climate. Get sure you will ask your consultant precisely what you are after. 

Recommondations on Homestar & Lifemark Rating

If you want to add value of your asset, consider a Homestar & Lifemark Rating. More and more people acknowledge the fact, that the Star rating is adding value to their property, especially if you want to sell it at a later stage. A consultant can organise the Star rating for you, however these ratings must be incooperated in the Design.  

Supports you with your decision on size and design. Architectural vs. Standard Design

A consultant will have an open discussion with you regards your budget, we are not nosy, how much money you have got, but it’s important to identify your budget in the first place, otherwise both parties are not reaching the goal to get started with your project, but we are able to work around your budget and find a good alternative for you. We might have the opportunity to adjust an existing design to minimize the costs for you. If you want an Architectural Design, the consultant is familiar with architects, designers, who can design the house, what you want, even with energy efficient features. That’s why a consultant is here to support you. 

Get quote from the Builder, who builds an Energy Efficient Home

Now after the clarification which product you want to build with, we get an estimate on costs from the builder, who is familiar with that specific product. Please remember it will be only an estimate, because the location, foundation, engineering is for every area different. The builder can only give you an accurate price, if they have got every single information and the consented plans from the council.  

Merge you with the right Builder

With support of the consultant you can make an informed decision, with which Builder you want to work with. Have a written contract with the builder and if your project is above $30,000 in cost, your builder MUST give you a contract, together with a Checklist, that includes a number of other items.

Finding the right mortgage broker

A consultant has got an independent realtionship with Mortgage Brokers , Banks, Financial Advisers or Dept Reduction Companies.

To get the best deal, a consultant will give you more options, where you can go and choose from. 

Offers you alternative funding

There are alternative funding options available, like “Lease to Buy”. If a family hasn’t got the 20% deposit for the banks available, or the Kiwi saver is not ready, then time is working for you. Living in an environmentally friendly, sustainable small home, paying interest and principle for a period between 3-5 years to an investor, who is holding the mortgage in the meantime. You can add value from landscaping to decks etc. Find out: For more information

Updates you during the building process. You have got the assurance, that you are not allone

For the consultant the work won’t stop here. We will update you on the progress regards your building. From the building consent to the excavation work, foundation etc. If you need any other support during your house build, please ask the consultant. 

Create a Dream Home with you

The goal from a consultant is to create your Dream Home with you, that you live there happily every after. That’s how it is designed or created for you, that you can stay there as long you want and save money on your running costs, which gives you surplus cash to spend on things, what you would like to spend and enjoy your life. Building your Home or your “Castle” should be a journey and not a stressful venture. 


For more information, please contact us under: info@harakekeconsultants.co.nz




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